Our Students Receive

  •      80% reduction in on-board training time
  •       40% decrease in training expenses
  •       24% Increase in learning aptitude

Walton is a successful and Trusted SAP online Partner. Our SAP online training entails all SAP modules, SAP Real-time experts, and SAP onsite training. SAP solutions have a clearly defined life cycle of four phases: discovery, evaluation, implementation, and continuous business improvement. Our education services mirror these four phases that accompany you at every step in choosing and implementing the right solutions.

At Walton we provide live, online training and our experience indicates that moving from the traditional classroom environment is not a difficult task. We train both employees and customers using e-learning technology.

Advantages of live, online training:
The primary advantage of online training over physical classroom training is: Reducing the amount of travels both participants and instructors must do, thus resulting in a reduction of the costs associated with this travel. Similarity of live, online training to the physical classroom training makes it easy for employees or customers to participate in live, online training sessions because they have the physical classroom experience.
How do I schedule my live, online training sessions?
In our experience, for individual SAP participants we have found 60- to 90-minute modules to be a good length for live, online training. If the modules must be longer, a break would be helpful, just as you would have a break in a physical classroom. However, we offer you a lot of flexibility in choosing and scheduling your live online training sessions. So relax, put your feet up and start training.

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