The following tutorial guides brief introduction about SAP ABAP module and what is SAP ABAP.

SAP ABAP: ABAP stands for Advanced Business Application Programming / 4th Generation Language.ABAP is a programming language used for developing applications for the SAP R/3 system SAP will run applications written using ABAP /4.

ABAP/4 cannot run directly on an operating system as it requires a set of programs to load, interpret, and buffer its input and output.

Basis could be a set of middleware programs and tools from SAP, the German company whose comprehensive R/3 product is employed to assist manage massive companies. SAP provides the underlying base (thus the name) that allows applications (such as FI, CO, and SD, for example) to be practical and moveable across operating systems and database product. R/3 Basis includes client/server architecture & configuration, a computer database management system (RDBMS), and a graphical user interface (GUI). additionally to the interface between system components, Basis elements include a development atmosphere for R/3 applications, and an information dictionary, similarly as user and system administration and monitoring tools.