For SAP Certification, The SAP Education organization is uniquely qualified to help ensure that you derive the maximum value from your SAP training. From basic skills for beginning learners to targeted training and certification for project members and expert users, our training is delivered any way you want it - from instructor-led courses to virtual live training to flexible e-learning options. The international SAP certification examination is an important benchmark of consultant expertise, making SAP Education a must for all functional managers and IT professionals.

There are two ways for getting SAP certification:
1. By undergoing the full 5-weeks training at any of the Authorized Education Partners of SAP.
2. Should have at least 2 implementations experience, were the Company authenticates and sponsors the candidate. The Company, which is sponsoring the candidate, needs to be a SAP Partner.

The examination tests the candidate’s ability to:
• Explain and implement various core business processes and functions in R/3 in one of the following application areas: Accounting, Controlling, Materials Management, Production & Production Scheduling, Sales Order Processing, and Human Resources
• Describe organizational units in the my SAP system, their characteristics and their relationship
• Define master data and make appropriate global settings (customizing)
• Tailor SAP to customer’s needs
• Work with the SAP navigator, online documentation, process and data models and implementation methodologies
• Acquire knowledge through available documentation
• Describe the SAP service support structure
• Describe the technological requirements of the R/3 system. The certificate is release-based and can be updated with further training and delta tests when new releases become available

Do I need to be certificated in order to get a job in SAP?
NO! There are many people in the market who are non certified, enjoying a fantastic living. Therefore, Certification is not a must for you to fetch a job in the market. However, if there are two people shortlisted with the similar skills and experience, probably, in such situations, the Certification will give you an edge. Otherwise, employers are generally looking for the people who can effectively deliver the goods without certification.